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All files now available (28/5/2000)

All of DTO Software's past releases are available for download from these pages. Note: the links below are to the main Aminet server. You may get a faster download from a mirror nearer to you. PC users can play many of these games too, with an emulator.

Starbase 13 (1992)

Requires: Any Amiga

As Commander Yeno Hou, explore a ill-fated starbase and a secret alien base. This was DTO Software's first game. A solution is available.

The Lost Prince (1994)

Requires: Any Amiga, 1Mb

Prince Rindlepoke gets lost. This was the first game with Monkey-Island influence. The engine may not be as slick as GRAC, but there is more humour and plot than in the later games. A solution is available.

GRAC (1995)

Requires: Any Amiga, 1Mb

The GRaphic Adventure Creator. This was originally licenceware, but is now PD. The link above is to version 2, which was a big improvement over version 1.

Lethal Formula (1995)

Requires: Any Amiga, 1Mb

A scientist attempts to keep his research out of the hands of an Evil Global Mega-corporation. The original demo game for GRAC. It's not a hard game, but a solution is available.

Epsilon 9 (1996)

Requires: Any Amiga, 1Mb

The sequel to Starbase 13. Written to show off GRAC 2. A solution is available.

GRAC User Disk 1 (1996)

Requires: Any Amiga, GRAC

Stuff to use with GRAC.

3D Game Creator (1997)

Requires: AGA Amiga, 4Mb fast RAM, accelerator recommended

This was to be a full-price release from Vulcan Software, until the Amiga games market collapsed. It was never actually completed; however, it is fully functional.

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